Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Fun and Back to School!

Wow is it just me or did this summer and the last two months just fly by. I was ready for summer to be over but then part of me was not. I wanted to extend our family vacation and Russ still receive a pay check. Hmm to bad that's not the way his job works. Oh well I guess it's good for us to settle back down and get refocused. But here are some of the highlights of our summer and how the first two days of school has gone for the kids and mommy.

July: We went to Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Jewel and Wind Cave, Yellowstone, family reunion at our house, Uncle got married on our property, Mahi's came to visit, Russ' 88 year old grandfather went to the temple for the first time, took the Mahi's to the temple with us, cliff jumped (Russ, AJ, John, and Tia) at the lake, Melinkovich's came to visit while Mahi's were here and I believe that was everything. Funny thing is that this all happened between the July 21st - August 7th. Early in the month all we did was get the house, yard, and pasture ready for the end of the month.

August: Rest and recoup from July, Girl Scout Day camp in Billings, Torie became the new K-1 soccer coach, Allie joined soccer, soccer games started, and school started.

School: They have been in for two days now and they love it! Mom is loving the break with no kids but is finding with her quiet time her OCD is becoming a little out of control. More explanation below.
TWO things came to me today. (Notice the even number)
1: I need to be going to some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D.) therapy class. Why you might ask..well..I just washed my car yesterday and I was out there washing it again today! If I see one small piece of dust or dirt on it I freak out and I'm out there cleaning it! Now the bad part of that is that my house is on a dirt road and I have no garage; plus I have two cars both of which are large SUV's! So you can see my problem I'm sure. I've decided the reason why I'm so O.C.D. about certain things (clean car, way towels are folded, way dishes are done and put away, etc...) is because I can't seem to get my 6 kids and husband to help me out with the big things (like the house and yard) so I have to be this way on the little things. The bad part is that each day more things get added to the list and now that the kids are in school I'm finding that I'm cleaning the walls with an old toothbrush just to make them look perfect! The other day I checked to see if the beds were made perfect and they weren't so I went and remade all of the beds till they were perfect! I even told my kids that they were not allowed on their beds until it's bed time because the beds need to look perfect at all times. I'll admit I've even been tempted to measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the comforter on each side just to make sure they're even! Oh and then there's the even number thing (another story for another day), which for those of you who know me well know how bad that is and it's only getting worse!

2: My kids are weird. Tonight I made easy lasagna for dinner (noodles, hunts spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella cheese, layered) and they loved it, in fact they love it more than my fancy lasagna that takes a lot more time and has meat in it.

I am only hoping that through the year this OCD will calm down and I will not feel like everything needs to be perfect now that the kids are out of the house. I guess however if it doesn't then you will know what to expect when and if you come to visit. You will find me counting, folding, doing dishes, making the beds, cleaning the walls, and so forth. I once heard a phrase and I'm hoping that I'm quoting this correctly "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" so I wonder does OCDiness ride along next to Godliness as well? If it does then great I'll keep moving forward and not even think twice about it.

That's all everyone and I hope you all have an awesome night!!!!
Love to all,

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