Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Busy!

O.K. I am officially to busy but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Over the last month I have been busy following AJ around with his track (I'll post pics soon) and I must say he is doing awesome! He does the 1600m (1 mile run), 1600 relay, 200 hurdles, 800m (1/2 mile run)! I'm so proud of him first of all for running all of the events but also that he'll do the hurdles there's no way in this lifetime that I would've done that. Even when I'm up walking the track AJ keeps asking me to step over them, no way man! :) So besides driving all over Northern Wyoming going to track meets and sunburning myself and my 5 children I have been busy planning the Girl Scout Navajo Taco Dinner! Good news is that we just did it on Friday and sold over 500 Tacos again this year! Yippee the girls were so cute and they had so much fun! So for the final thing that has kept me busy...As if being a Girl Scout and Cub Scout leader wasn't enough I had to start a new organization (Wyoming Home School for Northern Wyoming we have a facebook page if anyone wants to check it out) and become the new site coordinator for Bountiful Baskets here in Lovell. We're suppose to be starting it around the 22nd of May! For those of you that know Heather Mickelson she's my co-leader, to bad her and I don't know how to say no! :)

Wyoming Home School was started because I realized that in this area we have over 27 families in our school district alone that home school; so why not get together and start a P.E. class amongst other activities. We are in the process of planning a "Day in the Park" activity that will have several water activities, relays, and some kickball games!

Now the reason why I can see the light at the end of the tunnel is because this Saturday is supposed to be AJ's last meet, next Friday is the last Girl Scout meeting, Cub Scouts is over, and the Home School event is on the 21st! At that point I think I may be able to breathe for about a week:)

Then summer starts with summer marching band (which Russ has been asked to be in charge of the drum line!) (talk about putting him on cloud 9!) along with Cub Scout camp, Girl Scout camp, parades for all the above, and AJ's trek at Martin's Cove; all of which are supposed to be done by the middle of July! So maybe for the rest of July and August we can breathe!

So in conclusion I would like to apologize for not posting as you can see we've been a little busy! But I promise to post some pics as soon as possible. I hope everyone else is doing great! We miss and love you all!
The Dicksons'