Thursday, May 7, 2009

Way Too Busy!!!

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. Life seems to be in a constant whirlwind. Ever since we came home from our wonderful family vacation it's been non stop something. Lesson learned: never go on vacation and come home one week before your child'sbaptism. It makes for a very stressful baptism. We now have two kids baptised and only 4 more to go. I ask you, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Good, because they're able to receive the two most wonderful gifts ever: becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Bad, because that means they're growing up and I'm getting older. (Ugh on the older part:-))

Just 2 weeks later, my Girl Scout Troop decided that we needed to do a Navajo Taco Dinner as a fundraiser for summer camp. We were planning on 200 to 300 people. Boy did we guess wrong. We had over 500 orders! It was great, other than that I've never made that many Navajo Taco shells in my life. We figured 50lbs. of hamburger was going to cover us. Not even close; we had to buy more. Maybe 25 lbs. of flour would work? Try 75! Two #10 cans of olives? Nope, we needed 12!. We bought the local restaurant, fast food joint, and grocery store out of olives. I can't even remember how many tomatoes. And sour cream? Holy cow, 4 Costco size tubs and everything the grocery store had. Not to mention every biscuit package off the shelf to try to expedite the taco shells. It was insane, but well worth it. And I am so thankful for the town of Lovell for supporting our fundraiser; everyone here is so awesome. We made enough money that we should have no problem with camp this summer. For all of you whom are not familiar with Lovell we only have one grocery store here, and one building that has Blimpies and Taco Johns for our fast food. The restaurant I was talking about is in the next town 6 miles away.

As you can see, it's been very hectic. Easter was in there somewhere, but I'm not sure I could tell you when or what the kids received. I do think they received something.

I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer (I hope). I do have one very major event coming up on June 13th. I'm organizing a Run/Walk for Russ' 5-year old cousin Bridger. He's going to have a Bone Marrow transplant soon and will have to live away from home for several months. I plan to do a write up on it here shortly with links to go to to learn more about him.

In the craziness and planning of everything I forgot something very special in my life also. The sad part is so did Russ. As we were planning this run we realized there was something else special about that day; we just chalked it up as Ethan (Russ' cousins son) is also getting baptized that day. However, the other night when Russ and I were talking about that day, we both kept saying and feeling that there was something else going on that day but couldn't remember what. It wasn't until 1:30 in the morning that it finally donned on us... That's Donavan's 2nd birthday; the same day:-)!!! Now my question is, can I just pass this off as I've been a little overwhelmed and that's why I couldn't remember my sons birthday? Or is it because he's child #6? Or is it that getting older thing that's catching up to me? In about two weeks I turn 32 and that's scary!

There you all have it, that's the low down on this wild, crazy, running in every direction, Dickson family. I plan to update my pictures soon. So please bear with me:-).


Bridger is JanaLee Moncurs' son, she is Russ' cousin and lives in Dallas, TX. JanaLee, Blake (her husband), and Bridger all moved there last summer they hadn't even been able to unpack all of their boxes when Bridger ended up in the hospital very ill and struggling to make it. After numerous tests and procedure the Doctors were able to diagnose Bridger's disease. He has Chronic Granulomatous Disease (CGD) his white blood cells don't create hydrogen peroxide, and aren't able to fight off typical bacteria, molds, and fungus's. He is currently taking nine different medications to help prevent further infection. The only cure available is by having a bone marrow transplant. The hospital was able to find a match once that procedure is finished he will need to have other follow up procedures and will need to stay in the hospital in Houston, TX for 4 to 6 months. Therefore we (CaMee (JanaLee's older sister) and myself) are putting together a Run/Walk for Bridger on June 13th. The registration is $15 and you'll receive a t-shirt. If any of you would like to register to be in the race just call me @307.548.2581. You may also do a strait donation if you would like. We have a bank account open for Bridger at The Bank of Lovell that you may call them and do a donation or send them a donation. Here's their information Bank of Lovell 179 E 3rd St Lovell, WY 82431 307.548.2213. Also if you have any other question or want to know more you may feel free to call me or email me and I'll feel you in on all that I know. Thanks in advance for any support and donations the whole family greatly appreciates this.

In closing we send out much love to everyone near and far.

The Dickson's