Friday, February 22, 2013


Just got home from a nice quick trip to Utah and Laramie. Now understand that my trip may come across negative but really we had a lot of fun and it was great seeing all of the family and my nephew before he left on his mission. But here are a few things I noticed while on my trip.

1-  Family and friends from Utah and Laramie please do not take offense to what I am about to post. This is just my personal feelings and what I took from my trip.

Although the mountains in Utah may be breathtaking to some people for me they're quite the opposite. I was having a bad case of shortness of breath but it wasn't from the "beauty" of the mountains but instead it was from the claustrophobia due to the mountains. Now don't get me wrong I do love mountains I just love being able to see my wide open land with the rolling mountains in the distance. So this visit just re-reminded me as to why I left Utah and LOVE Wyoming!

2- My overnight stay in Laramie with waking up to TONS of snow on the ground and then having to travel along I-80 to Rawlins on icy yucky roads reminded me once again why I'm thankful that we moved to the Banana belt of Wyoming! Now don't get me wrong Laramie is a fantastic place to visit and be at during the summer months.

So in conclusion I was able to come home and report to my loving husband (whom stayed behind to work) that there is no worries about me wanting to up and move back to Utah or even Laramie for that matter. I am perfectly happy and content staying right where I am. Living out here in the laid back country where everyone knows everyone and you can see and run for acres and acres!!!! We have the best of all worlds right here at our fingertips. We have all 4 beautiful seasons, beautiful mountains (only we have 2 different styles to pick between either the jagged Pryors like the Rocky's or the rolling Big Horns), beautiful lakes, waterfalls, ice caves, hiking, repelling, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and well you name it we have it! So yes there is no doubt in my mind I LOVE WYOMING!!!!!!

Good Night All and hopefully I'll be back on quicker next time!