Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When it Rains it Pours!!!

I'm sure all of you are familiar with the old phrase "When it rains, it pours" for our family we're to familiar with that phrase. Here's a glimmer of a day in the life of the Dickson's.

About 2 months ago the plant that Russ worked at finally had to do some layoffs and guess who was one of the firsts to get laid off.... You're right Russ. After about 2 months with no pay or insurance he finally lands another job at Georgia Pacific. Things are going great until last weekend. Allie fell and split her head open, then the boating trip that the kids have been dying all summer to go on (this is different than our normal trips we're going to have the PONTOON BOAT out there with their cousins) falls through because the boat still isn't as finished as we thought it was, so CaMee and I take off to do our shopping only to discover that takes longer than expected.

Here comes Monday oh boy... we're finally going to do this family boating trip with the PONTOON BOAT so Russ, CaMee, and myself with all of the kids take off to the lake with the ski boat ahead of Travis and Brent (their bringing the other boat). We go out on the lake and do some tubing and knee boarding realizing it's getting to late and the other boat never showed up. Once back to the dock we find out that as they were turning the corner they discovered water leaking out of one of the pontoons. So that idea went bye bye quickly. While Russ is trying to pull the boat up on the trailer he discovers the the engine won't lift. 2hrs later we finally get it out of the lake and the engine lifted and now were rushing home so Russ isn't late for work to his new job. We're not done yet in fact we're just getting to the exciting part.

Now it's Tuesday.....
We own 4 vehicles; '75 GMC truck, '78 Olds., '96 Nissan, and an '04 Suburban so one would think out of 4 vehicles we should have no problem having a car when needed right? Oh know not so much for us. First a piston goes out on the Olds. which at this point it's a matter of is it really worth the work. Then the tire blows out on the Nissan and it won't start, sounding good so far right. While we were in Cody which is about 45miles away from us, grocery shopping the fuel pump on the Suburban goes out on us, leaving us stranded for oh about 6hrs. We finally make it back to Lovell around 10:30 p.m. just in time for Russ to make it to work. Once arriving to work he here's this hissing sound and watches the back tire on the truck go flat. Oh boy!

There you have it that's the update on the Dickson family. I have decided that after every large rain storm there's always a rainbow. The theory goes that if there's a rainbow then there's a pot of gold waiting at the end with Leprechauns. I'm hoping that when my rainstorm ends I'll find that little piece of Irish luck hopefully the good luck and find that pot of gold!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Speak To Early!!!

You know when you say something only to realize later that you spoke to early. Well that just happened to me recently. I put in my last post that we had to take Bamm Bamm to the hospital and how grateful I was that it had been a 1 1/2yr. since our last visit and I'll probably not be back for awhile. Spoke to soon; just Friday night we were back in the E.R. with Alexandra this time. She sliced her head open above her left eye. When asked how it happened we found out that since we wouldn't let the kids go outside and jump on the trampoline, they (meaning J.R., Addie, Bamm Bamm, Alexandra, and Donavan)decided that the couch in the front living room would work. Never mind that mom and dad both have told them not to jump on the furniture, that furniture is for sitting on not jumping on. As she was attempting to jump from the couch to over the foot stool and land on the floor she discovered her jump wasn't nearly as far as her brothers and sisters; well hers was short quite a bit. She never made it over the footstool, instead she landed head first between the footstool and the couch knocking her eye on the corner wooden piece on her way down. Quite the ordeal as you can see. But the most exciting part was at the E.R., the Doctor decided to just glue it shut. He used PURPLE glue oh boy!!! She was so excited, because purple is her favorite color. On our way home from the hospital she informed mom and dad that when she got home she was going to tell all of her purple friends about the purple glue the doctor put on her head.:) Oh boy!!!! This is why we love her, she always makes us smile :)!!!