Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's time to take a STAND!!!!!

Alright so I'm going to throw something out there that I'm sure I'll get a lot of crap back. But here goes anyways.

I HATE HOMEWORK!!!!! I feel if you have my child in your school for 8 hours in a day then when he/she leaves to come home it's time for ME to have MY children and not have to sit up for another 4+ hours doing more ridiculous school stuff!!!!!!! Seriously how many of you adults leave your place of employment after giving them 8+ hours and then go home and do another 4+ hours of work for them? People complain about our children in America and how they're all declining and becoming extremely bad children well HELLO AMERICA WAKE UP!!!! Quit sending home homework for them to do all night so that they have no time to spend as a family! Instead why don't you try saying "For homework tonight you need to go home and make a double batch of cookies as a family, or help make dinner, or help change the oil on the car, or read a book as a family and report about it. Just make sure you do something as a family." Bring back the importance of spending quality family time and just maybe our children of America will come back to us and all around be a better generation. If your reasoning is that you don't have enough time in the classroom to teach them everything then QUIT working to get them ready for the "test". Only do ONE "test" per year instead of 3+ tests. Now I'm not talking about the normal spelling, math, science, etc. tests over the units they just leaned about; no I'm talking about all the other "tests" (Diebles, MAP, PAWS, etc.).
Really what it boils down to is just look at our past. When children were sent home after only 2-4 hours of school to go help Pa work the land or help Ma with house work our children were better and more respectful. Through the years as we added more hours to school and less hours at home as a family we gradually declined and now we are at a point where our children spend 8+ hours at school and then are sent home with tons of homework so they get no quality family time. It's no wonder our children are rebellious, disrespectful, angry, drug addicts, gang members, etc. they're just trying to get/find/feel what comes natural wanting to feel loved and wanted, wanting the family time that's missing, and so they're out trying to find it, not realizing that they're looking in all the wrong areas.
America let's bring our families back, let's make them our priority not the "test"! We need to go back to our roots and follow their examples, make family come first! Yes I still feel being in school during the day is important but no more homework. If you couldn't finish it in class today well there's always tomorrow and we'll finish it then, just go have some quality family time!
It's time America steps up and puts family and GOD first! If we just did those two little things could you imagine how much better America would be!
Just like to add this is not directed to any particular school or teacher. It's a in general this is how I feel. I've seen what my children bring home and I've heard of what friends and other family members children bring home from schools all around America. I do feel that all teachers are great and wonderful people and do a wonderful job, but their hands are tied because they're needing to meet or exceed the standards on the "tests". So they're doing the best that they can. It's just time for us as parents to take a stand and bring back the importance of family. Who cares about the "test". I'd rather my children's teachers teach them and complete it all in the school day with no homework.
Ok there you have it and now I'll get off of my soap box. I feel so much better now that I've let that out! 
Have a wonderful day!!!! :-)