Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's really been 4 months!!!!

I can't believe that it's really been 4 months since the last time I blogged!!! Holy Cow! So I've decided to for my New Year's resolution I'm going to keep up on our blog spot and upload more pics of our family and our adventures. Over the past 4 months what has gone on hmmm......

Let's see Addie turned 7 and realized that she is only 1 year away from being Baptized she's so excited already!

Our new next door neighbors/friends were married and they asked Russ and I to be their witnesses; it was such a beautiful ceremony and I'm very thankful that we were able to be part of such a wonderful day!!

A.J. made me a really old mom he turned 13 this year. Yes we really do have a teenager in our house now. With him becoming a teenager we decided to take him back to his home town of Big Ol' Laramie to watch his favorite football team get crushed by his least favorite football team. UW vs. BYU yes it was a very sad day for all of us but we sat through the whole game and still cheered our beloved Cowboys on! While we were in Laramie we finished getting the supplies for our new adventure in life! We've started a clock and sign making business it has been a joy but also a stress in our life. Though we didn't get to stay all the way till Thanksgiving we did get to head back down the first week of December which at that time we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our first ever being snowed into Laramie. That made for a very interesting trip to say the least. After that trip Russ made me promise that we wouldn't even consider going back down until February or later. Well that pretty much wraps up all of the highlights for the past 4 months.

From this point on our life is yet to be seen we just pray that the future is full of good health and happiness. For everyone out there in the Blogging world I would just like to send to all of you a wish for a Happy New Year that is filled with love, excitement, and good health.

Love to All,
The Dickson's