Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update 1 month Later LOL!!!

Holy Cow!!! has it really been a month since I last wrote on here? I'm really trying to keep up with it but haven't been successful. However I've stayed very caught up with my farm on Facebook. Lets see what have we've been up to over the past month. Went to Laramie while AJ was at scout camp. Received a phone call from him while he's at camp wondering if I was really in Laramie what a world we live in now. While there changed my hair color oh and that gets even more exciting later on! Came home on the night of the big firework show in Byron only I was sick so we had to miss it. Bummer it's the best fireworks I've seen in a long time they're so awesome. The next week did Girl Scout camp for 3 days, learned alot! Learned next year it needs to only be for 1 day. Learned I love kids but that many girls ages from 6 to 9 is to many to have together for 3 days. Also very thankful that the Lord blessed me with only 2 girls with 4 years apart in age:) Russ started a new job so far so good. Went swimming out at the farm and once we got home and showered from swimming discovered that chlorine really will turn your hair GREEN!!!!! Yes I really do have GREEN HAIR!!! To bad it wasn't Halloween huh!!! :) Russ says leave it alone and have fun with it. I'm not so sure but I can say this AJ informs me that if it's not fixed by Sunday he's not going to sit by me in Church. LOL Oh and he won't go out with me in the public with my hair like this ("It's embarrassing MOM") So if any of you want to know how to embarrass your 12 year old just go and die your hair Green!!! Anyways that's about all of the excitement, oh I almost forgot the most exciting thing was last weekend KinCaid BamBam fell on a nail that went right through his knee. That was our latest ER visit however I must admit we haven't been there since we first moved to Lovell so it's been about a 1 1/2 years, I think we're doing good.
Well that's all for now hopefully I'll post quicker next time. God Bless America and everyone!!!
Love the Dickson's