Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's time to take a STAND!!!!!

Alright so I'm going to throw something out there that I'm sure I'll get a lot of crap back. But here goes anyways.

I HATE HOMEWORK!!!!! I feel if you have my child in your school for 8 hours in a day then when he/she leaves to come home it's time for ME to have MY children and not have to sit up for another 4+ hours doing more ridiculous school stuff!!!!!!! Seriously how many of you adults leave your place of employment after giving them 8+ hours and then go home and do another 4+ hours of work for them? People complain about our children in America and how they're all declining and becoming extremely bad children well HELLO AMERICA WAKE UP!!!! Quit sending home homework for them to do all night so that they have no time to spend as a family! Instead why don't you try saying "For homework tonight you need to go home and make a double batch of cookies as a family, or help make dinner, or help change the oil on the car, or read a book as a family and report about it. Just make sure you do something as a family." Bring back the importance of spending quality family time and just maybe our children of America will come back to us and all around be a better generation. If your reasoning is that you don't have enough time in the classroom to teach them everything then QUIT working to get them ready for the "test". Only do ONE "test" per year instead of 3+ tests. Now I'm not talking about the normal spelling, math, science, etc. tests over the units they just leaned about; no I'm talking about all the other "tests" (Diebles, MAP, PAWS, etc.).
Really what it boils down to is just look at our past. When children were sent home after only 2-4 hours of school to go help Pa work the land or help Ma with house work our children were better and more respectful. Through the years as we added more hours to school and less hours at home as a family we gradually declined and now we are at a point where our children spend 8+ hours at school and then are sent home with tons of homework so they get no quality family time. It's no wonder our children are rebellious, disrespectful, angry, drug addicts, gang members, etc. they're just trying to get/find/feel what comes natural wanting to feel loved and wanted, wanting the family time that's missing, and so they're out trying to find it, not realizing that they're looking in all the wrong areas.
America let's bring our families back, let's make them our priority not the "test"! We need to go back to our roots and follow their examples, make family come first! Yes I still feel being in school during the day is important but no more homework. If you couldn't finish it in class today well there's always tomorrow and we'll finish it then, just go have some quality family time!
It's time America steps up and puts family and GOD first! If we just did those two little things could you imagine how much better America would be!
Just like to add this is not directed to any particular school or teacher. It's a in general this is how I feel. I've seen what my children bring home and I've heard of what friends and other family members children bring home from schools all around America. I do feel that all teachers are great and wonderful people and do a wonderful job, but their hands are tied because they're needing to meet or exceed the standards on the "tests". So they're doing the best that they can. It's just time for us as parents to take a stand and bring back the importance of family. Who cares about the "test". I'd rather my children's teachers teach them and complete it all in the school day with no homework.
Ok there you have it and now I'll get off of my soap box. I feel so much better now that I've let that out! 
Have a wonderful day!!!! :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Fun and Back to School!

Wow is it just me or did this summer and the last two months just fly by. I was ready for summer to be over but then part of me was not. I wanted to extend our family vacation and Russ still receive a pay check. Hmm to bad that's not the way his job works. Oh well I guess it's good for us to settle back down and get refocused. But here are some of the highlights of our summer and how the first two days of school has gone for the kids and mommy.

July: We went to Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Jewel and Wind Cave, Yellowstone, family reunion at our house, Uncle got married on our property, Mahi's came to visit, Russ' 88 year old grandfather went to the temple for the first time, took the Mahi's to the temple with us, cliff jumped (Russ, AJ, John, and Tia) at the lake, Melinkovich's came to visit while Mahi's were here and I believe that was everything. Funny thing is that this all happened between the July 21st - August 7th. Early in the month all we did was get the house, yard, and pasture ready for the end of the month.

August: Rest and recoup from July, Girl Scout Day camp in Billings, Torie became the new K-1 soccer coach, Allie joined soccer, soccer games started, and school started.

School: They have been in for two days now and they love it! Mom is loving the break with no kids but is finding with her quiet time her OCD is becoming a little out of control. More explanation below.
TWO things came to me today. (Notice the even number)
1: I need to be going to some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D.) therapy class. Why you might ask..well..I just washed my car yesterday and I was out there washing it again today! If I see one small piece of dust or dirt on it I freak out and I'm out there cleaning it! Now the bad part of that is that my house is on a dirt road and I have no garage; plus I have two cars both of which are large SUV's! So you can see my problem I'm sure. I've decided the reason why I'm so O.C.D. about certain things (clean car, way towels are folded, way dishes are done and put away, etc...) is because I can't seem to get my 6 kids and husband to help me out with the big things (like the house and yard) so I have to be this way on the little things. The bad part is that each day more things get added to the list and now that the kids are in school I'm finding that I'm cleaning the walls with an old toothbrush just to make them look perfect! The other day I checked to see if the beds were made perfect and they weren't so I went and remade all of the beds till they were perfect! I even told my kids that they were not allowed on their beds until it's bed time because the beds need to look perfect at all times. I'll admit I've even been tempted to measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the comforter on each side just to make sure they're even! Oh and then there's the even number thing (another story for another day), which for those of you who know me well know how bad that is and it's only getting worse!

2: My kids are weird. Tonight I made easy lasagna for dinner (noodles, hunts spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella cheese, layered) and they loved it, in fact they love it more than my fancy lasagna that takes a lot more time and has meat in it.

I am only hoping that through the year this OCD will calm down and I will not feel like everything needs to be perfect now that the kids are out of the house. I guess however if it doesn't then you will know what to expect when and if you come to visit. You will find me counting, folding, doing dishes, making the beds, cleaning the walls, and so forth. I once heard a phrase and I'm hoping that I'm quoting this correctly "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" so I wonder does OCDiness ride along next to Godliness as well? If it does then great I'll keep moving forward and not even think twice about it.

That's all everyone and I hope you all have an awesome night!!!!
Love to all,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day and Anniversary!!!!

Can you believe it here I am posting again only 2 weeks later! But it has been quite a fun filled 2 weeks. We'll start with Father's Day...I was sitting here pondering what else could I get Russ for Father's Day other than just a letter opener than it clicked with me. I knew he found a truck that he really liked and wanted but just couldn't see how to do it. So that was my goal to get him the truck for Father's Day. But I must back up and tell the whole story.

Several months ago I found another vehicle big enough for our family that I wanted too, but wasn't sure how to do it yet either. That's when the light bulb turned on. Russ said to me (several months ago) if I could figure out how to buy another vehicle large enough for our family, get him a truck, keep our Suburban, and keep the payments at the same price or less then he would go for it. (he should have never challenged me like that)

Not sure how many of you know me real well but let's just put it this way I go to discount stores (like K-Mart and Wal-Mart) and ask for a discount on their clearance items (yes I really do and Russ just shakes his head), funny thing is I usually always get it as well. Not only that I'm a professional coupon shopper and will not buy anything that's over $3.00. For example...just did some coupon shopping and got 160 Yoplait yogurts and only paid $18.00 for all of them, that's about .11 cents per yogurt. Not the best that I've done but not to bad. Anyways onto the story...

Since I'm a professional bargain shopper I knew if I played it right I could make it work. I knew it was going to take some tricky moves but I could do it and especially since he challenged me, I was determined to find a way. So once the light bulb turned on I made some phone calls to the sellers of the truck, the other family vehicle, and the bank. As I was speaking to the bank I let them know what my payment needed to stay at or be at, what I expected for my interest rate, and what all vehicles I was planning to purchase. After a few moments of number crunching and talking they finally came back to me with a quote (I did have to remind them the price range I was expecting to stay at, and they finally listened and came to my terms). I asked them to please hold while I went to converse with my husband. Hard at work irrigating I asked Russ for his signature, well of course at that point he asked me why I needed it. So I had to disclose what was going on. All he could do was shake his head and laugh. His words were "I should've known if there was anyone out there that could find a way to make it work, it would be you. And yes I did say if you could find a way, I would go for it."

So for Father's Day Russ received a '93 Ford Ranger extended cab (and a letter opener)! He loves the truck (as well as the letter opener)!

As for the other vehicle well a week later was our Anniversary! So for our Anniversary we received a 2003 GMC Denali! And yes we do love it!!!!

We finally have two reliable vehicles large enough to carry our family anywhere so when one of us needs to be gone for something the other one still has a way to carry children. Russ also finally got the little truck that he's been wanting. All in all it's been an exciting and fun two weeks!!!

Russ says the moral of the story is....."If you want something accomplished all you need to do is challenge Torie on it and it will be done!!!"

Love to all!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am a Slacker!!!

Yep you read that right I am a slacker. I can't believe it's almost been a full year since I last posted on here, holy crud where does the time go? So I'm just going to give you a quick low down on our last year....

August 2011: WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!!! Our home is 3600sq feet with an unfinished basement. It came with 8 acres most of which are great camping, lots of trees, type of acres. We have loved every part of it!

Kids started back in public schools but in a different district except for AJ who insisted on going to Lovell High so he could have his favorite coach ever!

Mom started subbing and loved it!

September 2011: We got our first ever kittens. Those of you that really know me, know that I do not like pets but especially cats! So yes I can't believe it either we got 3 kittens but unfortunately only 1 survived, her name is TiePor Dickson and yes I do LOVE her. In fact we are pretty sure she is expecting her first and only litter.

November 2011: First Thanksgiving here and we had over 40 people in my house. It was so much fun!!!

December 2011: First Christmas in the house and the kids loved it! I had some Christmas on layaway at K-Mart and when I went in to pay it off I discovered some secret Santa came in and had paid more than half of it off. Wow what an awesome Christmas blessing!

AJ lettered in Cross Country and took 1st place at the Powell race as a freshman!!!

January 2012-March 2012:  KinCaid was baptized in January!!! He was so cute and excited, I just love watching the kids transform from the before to the after!

AJ did Indoor Track and I traveled the state of Wyoming to watch the meets. And yes Indoor meets take a lot longer than Outdoor Track meets do!

Oh remember that part about me not liking pets well I must admit I bought a dog! She's a golden Lab and we love her so much. Her name is Lizzie Bella Dickson. Russ wasn't so sure about it when I surprised him with her after a long day at work. But he quickly warmed up to her. It did help that I only had to pay $37.50 for her.

April 2012-May 2012: AJ did Outdoor Track and lettered yet again he also was the only Freshman from Division 2A to make it to state not to mention the only one placing! Yes this mom is quite proud of her son.

All the kids finished their first year back in public schools and it went really quite well. We had lots of fun and mom loved being in the school subbing and seeing the kids. Must admit I love every age from Kindergarten all the way through High School.

Current and Future: We are currently building a bathroom, office, and real wall for AJ's room in the basement. Having tons of fun figuring out the whole irrigating thing, gardening, and playing on the property. Getting ready to go to South Dakota, have family reunion here at our property and in Yellowstone and hoping for some visitors in late July first of August. Must admit right now we are just basically loving and living life to the fullest!

AJ is gone for 6 weeks to UW, staying in the dorms and taking college courses and loving life!

JR, Addie, KinCaid, Allie, and Donavan are just being mom's little helpers and learning all they can about gardening, irrigating, and water snakes!

Russ is busy working and doing what he can where he can when he gets home from work. He's also decided to start exercising with me everyday. I'm sort of hoping he'll get the bug to want to run a marathon with me. But I guess only time will tell.

And well me...I'm just a swimming 1 mile 3 days a week, running/walking 10 miles a day (training for a marathon), gardening, mowing, cleaning house, building basement, training dog, learning a new eating lifestyle, and raising some hard working kids type of a mom. As you can see I don't do much but it's all quite exciting. I am also starting a new adventure in my life I am changing all of my eating habits and transferring to the Paleo diet and training for a marathon. I'm hoping to blog (victoriarasmussendickson.blogspot.com)(new blogspot just for this) everything every step of the way.

Well anyways now that I'm sure I've overwhelmed you all with way to much to read I am going to head off to bed for the night. I wish you all well and sweet dreams!

Love to everyone,